Grandpa Henry’s Red Carpet

Grandpa Henry was my hero. He taught me to hunt, fish and to live life with a peaceful,simple perspective. I dedicated my first book on fatherhood to him and still think of him regularly, despite the fact that he’s been gone many, many years. When World War I broke out, he was a hard-working farm boy from Northern Michigan. Like … Continue reading

Grandma Alice’s Last Dance

Grandma Alice’s wrinkled face and silvery hair glowed in the candlelight as she presided over another marvelous Easter dinner. It was her eighty-fifth year but she never complained, despite her many aches and pains. The ultimate hostess, her house had been the holiday gathering place for three generations of hungry relatives for as long as this young boy could remember. … Continue reading

The Prodigal Father

There once was a home filled with a father, mother, a son and a daughter. One day, Father left a note on the refrigerator that said: “Family, I am tired of this life. I have quit my job and am leaving to find happiness.” He then cleaned out the family bank account, grabbed the credit cards and left home. Anxious … Continue reading


This week I did some house cleaning. This meant checking shelves, closets, and other storage spaces to clear a little space. With each item I came across, there were three options: Keep it. Give it away. OR…throw it away. I ended up with a short stack of items that I wanted to keep. Several birthday and Christmas cards from my … Continue reading

The little girl in the dream…

Last night, I had a dream. In it, I was attending a gathering at some sort of country club or other large meeting place. The building was filled with people who were consumed with issues of importance to them. Many of the issues were surface, vain, and temporary. I scanned the people and there were some that were overly concerned … Continue reading

What you don’t know…

What you do know is that my hair is grey and the clothes I’m wearing aren’t the newest. What you do know is that I can’t tie a tie anymore and because of my failing eyesight, its hard to get a good, clean shave or for my comb to find that part in my hair. What you do know is … Continue reading

Stressed out? Take a hike…

Okay, I confess that I have done a lousy job managing stress in the past couple of months. Too many meetings and not enough down time. Too many deadlines and not enough uptime with friends or family members. Too many long distance flights and not enough short distance slides at the children’s playground with my grand babies. The result? The … Continue reading

The Lost Dog

I live in the country. No manicured yards. No stop signs. Just acres of woods, lakes, fresh air, and wild animals. Its the animals that make things most interesting, and I never know what sort of critter is going to show up. Through the years, we’ve had deer, coyotes, turkeys, rabbits and even an occasional bear come to visit. Just … Continue reading

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