What young people need…

Young people, especially young males, suffer from three primary ills. Hopelessness, Fatherlessness and Godlessness. Here’s the good news. With a great deal of commitment and effort all three can be remedied. Hopelessness is best attacked by the creation of an achievable vision for the future and then learning the key skills that make the envisioned future possible. Fatherlessness is overcome … Continue reading

Carpe Momentum

“Carpe diem” Every so often, this Latin phrase reemerges into daily life. While it is generally translated “seize the day” it is better translated “pluck or harvest the day when it is the ripest”. It is thought that the originator of the concept is a poet named Horace who was seizing his own days from 65 BC to 8 BC. … Continue reading

The Beauty of Tears

Touch a hot stove and what happens? Pain. Hit your thumb with a hammer and what happens? Pain. Lose a loved one and what happens? Pain. Often, that pain is accompanied by tears. So, pain can’t possibly be a good thing…or can it? Odd as it seems, I am thankful for the feeling of pain. Why? Because, in shocking fashion, … Continue reading

Stay The Course

In life, much of the time the path is clear and we fly full speed ahead. All is well, life is good, relationships are fine, bills are paid, everyone is healthy, and a quick glance ahead tells us that we can keep the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, there are other times when we turn a corner and run headlong … Continue reading


Disappointment… There are days when what we expected to happen just did not happen. Coffee spilled…betrayal from a friend…loss of all sorts. On those days, it is wise to grieve in proportion to the loss. Grieve too much and you just waste more time; grieve too little and you needlessly carry toxic pain. Grieve in proportion to the loss. Then, … Continue reading

Time well spent

There are only so many hours in a day…twenty-four to be exact. Some of those hours are spent on nonnegotiables. Most of us have to work at something to make a living, we all need to sleep, and eating is in there somewhere. These activities add up to approximately 20 hours a day. Okay, the vast majority of our day … Continue reading

The Greener Grass

There is an old saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.” Now for those of us that aren’t chasing a bunch of sheep around a pasture, this might sound a bit strange, but here’s the modern day application… If we aren’t careful, we lose sight of the blessings we have right here and … Continue reading


trans·for·ma·tion This wonderful word means a “dramatic change in form or appearance.” In today’s world, there are many areas of life that would benefit from a change. In fact, work, home, community and personal life all benefit from a targeted transformation effort. The transformation process often begins with a vision for something better. Low productivity, negative relationships, division within a … Continue reading

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