Who will fight for the children?

The assault on the innocence of the next generation is unceasing. The good news is that children are resilient; the bad news is that they have to be way too often under the crushing weight of the world. But, there is great hope. I read somewhere that one person could take on 1000 enemies and by just adding one more … Continue reading

A Father’s Heart…

Its nearly time for children to head off to school. Some will travel across the street to kindergarten and others will pack the car and drive across the country to start college. In each instance, parents’ hearts will be torn by the truth of transition and seared by the sting of separation. This hit me the hardest when my oldest … Continue reading

It’s not my fault…

Blaming others for our own problems, errors, or station in life is nothing new. Remember way back in the Garden of Eden? God tells Adam not to eat the fruit from a particular tree. One day, a serpent talks Eve into eating the fruit and then Adam joins her. God finds out…big surprise there… And questions them about their predicament. … Continue reading

That’s called Fatherhood…

As a NBA fan, I used to love to watch the Detroit Pistons play on Sunday afternoons. Of all the players, one really stood out for his hustle, drive and athletic ability. His name is Dennis Rodman. In the early years, he was exciting to watch as he would out rebound players much bigger than he was. However, as his … Continue reading

A little danger is a good thing…

A week ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Alaska. While there, I got to speak at a great church and then spend time with a new friend, Keith, at his property near the town of Talketna. While there, it rained a bunch, but we hardly noticed as we jumped in his Jet Boat and roared up river, dodging … Continue reading

The Gift of Friendship

One of this life’s greatest gifts is that of friendship. I’ve learned that friends come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. A true friend is one that comes into your life to share key parts of it with you. Sometimes they stay for years and others only bless us with their company for a matter of days. My dear … Continue reading

The Next Generation

As time passes swiftly by, we must make a very deliberate choice between living for ourselves or living for the next generation. Every day, more young ones are born and they enter this world with a host of incredible gifts, talents and abilities. Sadly, for many, their potential goes unrealized. Why? Because no one steps up to love, lead, and … Continue reading

Times and Seasons

One great thing about living in Michigan is that we experience all four seasons. Spring comes with the first few rays of sun and we shuffle out of hiding, only too glad to shed our nineteen layers of wool, goose down and flannel. Summer shows up and we head “up north” to cram a year’s worth of recreation into the … Continue reading

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