“Brian D. Molitor is a talented author who recently ruined my Thai dinner… by making me cry all over it while reading one of his books. His writing manifests his huge heart and his passion for faithful fatherhood. He and I have been working on an exciting new video project based on his book, Boys Passage/ Man’s Journey which I trust God will use to turn the hearts of a new generation of fathers to their children. Brian’s a good guy, a great dad, and a very gifted author. I’m honored to be working with him.”

    - Kirk Cameron

    “As I began reading Brian’s book, Boy’s Passage-Man’s Journey, my soul opened and my heart softened because after seven years of being a father, I finally realized how important being a father was. As I read page after page I felt as if the book was about me and my struggles as a man and a father. As my heart turned toward my purpose in life – that of being a father and a husband, immediately my children responded to me with open arms. “

    - Dan S.
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