Girl's Passage - Father's Duty

Our daughter’s lives are not fairy tales with prewritten, happy endings.  The threat against each of them is real, and the ending of the story is yet to be decided.  In fact, the challenge is so great it will take a hero to save the day.  A hero called...Father.  It is never too early for a father to create a plan to mentor, protect, guide and love his daughter. It is never too late for a dad with an older daughter to reestablish relationship with her.  Chock-full of effective tools and contagious hope, this empowering book helps parents work together to guide the girls they love on the path to maturity.

This book is part inspirational and part how-to manual, assuring us that it is never too late for a father to make a difference in his daughter’s life.

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Paperback, XX pages

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