• "During my 24 years of service, I attended numerous seminars, conferences, and schools in which the subject of leadership was discussed in detail. Although informative, they were by no means as powerful as the Molitor International Leadership That Lasts™ conference. The obvious difference was the high character of Brian and his associates, the authority with which they spoke, and the code of integrity to which the Molitor Team so clearly subscribes."
    - Gene K.
  • "Several years ago our manufacturing facility found itself in major trouble with our primary customer. Several quality spills involving critical product launches had resulted in putting our facility in jeopardy of being able to sustain our manufacturing relationship with this primary customer. The current Management and Union leadership at that time realized that a significant cultural change needed to occur from the top leadership team down to the shop floor if our site was to survive.

    "During this critical time in our history, Molitor International was contracted by our Joint Leadership Team. Their intervention strategies were immediately adopted and proved successful in changing the plants culture and improving our plant's quality. Molitor's comprehensive programs were one of the major keys that enabled us to turn our plants performance around.

    "In 2006, our site experienced an almost total turnover of our hourly workforce, due to the Special Incentive Separation Program that was part of the bankruptcy proceeding settlement. Once again, Molitor International conducted comprehensive training programs that provided a firm foundation for all of our new employees.

    "The Joint Management-Union leadership believes that Molitor International's programs have played a pivotal role in allowing us to attract a new Corporation to invest in our plant. Their staff has directly contributed to our sites ability to attract new ownership to our facility while synergizing our team as we continue to strive toward meeting our internal business goals."
    - Robert B.
  • "Molitor International possesses both the character and competence to bring about positive change in a wide variety of organizations. The Molitor team was instrumental in the design and implementation of a unique project for the Republic of Benin, Africa that will have a positive impact for generations to come. The people at Molitor have a unique ability to produce measurable results, while maintaining sincere, caring relationships with the clients that they serve."
    - Gunnar O.
  • "Congratulations on being selected as our Human Resource Organizations 2007 Best Supplier! We determined that your organization has been very responsive to our needs, pro-actively communicating issues as well as having a continuous improvement focus."
    - Bob B.
  • "Brian Molitor and his associates have worked hand-in-hand with our health care facility for the past seven years and have done an exceptional job. The quality performance and caring that they strive to provide is second to none.

    "Molitor International has proven to have all the necessary resources to address any issues/concerns or challenges that we have presented to them. Molitor has been instrumental in developing our culture and in assisting me and our CEO in regards to coaching and maximizing the potential of the individuals within the organization. I have found them to be extremely professional in all my dealings with their associates.

    "Molitor International has assisted with numerous projects. We have always been pleased with the results achieved in our dealing with them. They bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to any organization that they work with and I would highly recommend Molitor International."
    - Ed B.
  • "Our radiology group has undergone a number of mergers, acquisitions, and organizational changes over the past seven years. Thanks to the help of the Molitor International team, we successfully completed these numerous transitions successfully. Molitor's insight and guidance helped us with team building, establishing a clear and focused vision, mission, and set of core values. They also assisted us in establishing a governance structure that remains in place today. We would highly recommend the Molitor team to any company that is undergoing organizational transition."
    - Charles M.
  • "Your unique approach to employee opinion surveys, teambuilding, 360 degree employee feedback and consulting services has truly changed the way that we interact with each other and has had a profound impact in helping us achieve greater levels of performance. My staff and I found your team to possess high standards of character and that you truly cared about us as people, not just as a client. I highly recommend your services to any organization interested in improving their performance and unifying their personnel."
    - Dennis H.
  • "On behalf of UAW Local 467, we would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your staff for all you have done to help our organization to assure that we are on the path to success! The skills you have taught us not only greatly improved how we interact in the workplace, but in our communities and family life as well. The core values and operating principles your team helped us develop, have lead to an overall improvement in both salary and union cooperation thereby insuring that our operation will be able to face and overcome any obstacles we may encounter in the future. Molitor International would be a benefit to any company or institution no matter what field they are in."
    - James H.
  • "Since our working relationship, we have broken a lot of new ground, and you have been an integral part of that change. I feel like we are on the right track and we are getting good results from our teamwork activities. The most rewarding result that we are getting is that by and large, the folks are now enjoying their work and are getting a higher degree of satisfaction from it. Secondary to that and as measured by more traditional means, we have seen our grievance activity drop from an average of around 30 per year to less than five per year. We have also seen our productivity improve at a rate of about twice what we had been experiencing, as well as our quality improving at about twice the old rate. There are many elements that go into teamwork and improving operations, but the part you played in that has been significant."
    - Tony S.
  • "I have worked with Brian for nine years in planning and developing a regional leadership development program for the Great Lakes Bay Region. The program was designed to help 1000 leaders in this region to develop strong relationships so we might transform our community. The participants of 1000 Leaders have built stronger relationships and many have taken the learned leadership concepts into their workplace. Many have commented that the training from Molitor has changed their lives.

    "There is no question, Molitor's experienced staff, passion and professionalism made this program successful. Brian Molitor is a focused individual with a passion for making a significant impact on the lives he touches."
    - Gene P.
  • "We have been poured into by the best. Molitor International has brought the absolute best bar none. As business leaders we have acquired the skills and talents to master the technical aspects of the marketplace. 1000 Leaders was all about heart. This region truly will never be the same. One thousand plus like-minded individuals with a mission to transform themselves, their families, their employment and their community."
    - Andre B.
  • "The training from 1000 Leaders took me and everyone else in the class to the next level of understanding and commitment to our community goals. Further, I have personally experienced increased efficiency, increased participation in community initiatives, increased progress towards goals, and best of all I've seen walls come down."
    - Ronnie N.
  • "1000 Leaders not only brought me close to other community activists and leaders, it also molded us together as a team in a way I have never experienced before. To say that I endorse this program is wholly inadequate."
    - Thomas B.
  • "Just wanted to say thank you again for all you do for the 1000 Leaders Initiative. Everyone I have spoken to afterwards enjoyed the class tremendously. One participant told her employer that this should be a mandatory class to take for their entire management team!! What a testament to the program and to the quality of the professional facilitators. All of you have done a tremendous job and it is such a pleasure and blessing to work with you in building relationships within our region."
    - Anonymous


  • The consensus among WHS clients, clinical staff, youth care workers and administration is unanimous - MITI has been a great addition to our treatment program! Across the board, everyone appreciates the quality and organization of the material, the multi-faceted delivery of the content, and the hands-on activities and assignments included. Students have been challenged to think and consider better, healthier approaches to life. Some have realized for the first time that they possess latent leadership talent. Others have been challenged to consider how they might utilize their leadership skills to guide others in a positive direction rather than in a negative one.
    - Craig W.
  • “In a short time, the MITI Program has become a vital part of the work we do with children and families. It has allowed us as facilitators and counselors to provide consistent purpose and direction to our youth and their treatment. The most impressive part of the MITI Program is its focus on success and the breadth of its usefulness. The young people we work with do not feel as though there is a stigma attached to the program, in regards to being treatment focused. They truly believe it is a program directing them to success and it is just that.”
    - Ame P.
  • "Your staff should be commended for the great job that they do with the students. I was in awe of how they connected with them and made them think of what they will be doing in the future and how they can achieve their goals. The program was awesome!"
    - Anonymous
  • "Without this program this kid would still be out on the streets."
    - Anonymous
  • "They have learned that leadership not only comes from the head, but the heart. They have learned that their own lives matter and the skills and talents they have are theirs alone to use for God. They have learned and experienced success, struggles and perseverance. They have become a core group of leaders within our community. They are praying together, meeting together, teaching in the church and speaking to other teens. Amazing! These experiences continue to challenge them. Parents and adult leadership have offered positive feedback. They are enthused to see their “kids” mature and step up as a result of self motivation and God motivation. I’ve shared with the parents and teens that there are high places and valleys. MITI is a high place which has prepared them to face the valleys. They have been encouraged to seek the high places in their lives. Their parents have been encouraged to do the same."
    - Kathie F.


  • "This conference was totally AWESOME! Life, healing, a plan and solution was given. The cost and location was without reason to attend. The love, friendliness and prayers were refreshing and good. The speakers and leaders were real and personal. The information is doable - I can do this! Thank you and God bless you. Continue opening up and encouraging others."
    - David J.
  • "This was an incredible learning/growing experience for our family. We have had our eyes opened to a “quality of life check” and can never go back to our old ways. I want the kind of family I have learned I can have this weekend. Thank you for coming and blessing us beyond what I even expected."
    - Mike J.
  • "Brian has struck his first speaking blow for Jesus in Australia. The guys love him. They get his humor and his honesty. They love his stories!!!!!  I had a hunch that Aussies would love him. I think that is an understatement. I have never seen anyone in all my life sell so many books per capita in one night. It's all happening!!!!!!!!!! and best of all as John Wesley says " God is with us."  Can it get any better????  Brian is a blessing with a capital BBBBBB.”
    - Warrick M.
  • “I can’t thank you; there are not words to thank you for what you did in the life of (my friend). When he came home from that meeting, he was a completely transformed person. Apologized to his wife, set his children down and apologized to them, laid down some new rules for himself. What you’re doing is just changing the world. It’s not overly dramatic to say that. Thanks, so much! God bless you.”
    - Gary B.
  • "You have NO IDEA of the life change my husband has made since the conference! He has made amends with some of the hurts of his past and with our children. He actually apologized to our eight year old son for his misbehavior as a father and is working so hard on being a positive influence to all of them. The only words that come to mind when I think of the transformation that has taken place are: 'Thank you Jesus! for allowing Brian to be a willing vessel for the Lord to speak through.'"
    - Jennifer E.
  • "The message of Malachi, along with the rich fellowship, prayer, worship and study of God's Word it promotes, is the healing salve needed for every family. A great weapon in God's arsenal to heal and preserve our nation and subsequent generations."
    - Gary M.


  • "Brian D. Molitor is a talented author who recently ruined my Thai dinner… by making me cry all over it while reading one of his books. His writing manifests his huge heart and his passion for faithful fatherhood. He and I have been working on an exciting new video project based on his book, Boys Passage/ Man's Journey which I trust God will use to turn the hearts of a new generation of fathers to their children. Brian's a good guy, a great dad, and a very gifted author. I'm honored to be working with him."
    - Kirk Cameron
  • "As I began reading Brian’s book, Boy’s Passage-Man’s Journey, my soul opened and my heart softened because after seven years of being a father, I finally realized how important being a father was. As I read page after page I felt as if the book was about me and my struggles as a man and a father. As my heart turned toward my purpose in life – that of being a father and a husband, immediately my children responded to me with open arms."
    - Dan S.
  • "With deep compassion, Brian Molitor shares exciting concepts and meaningful examples for an often overlooked segment of our society - our boys."
    - Bishop Phil Porter
  • "I love Brian Molitor's book, Boy's Passage, Man's Journey. Step by step, he'll show you how to put toether a rite-of-passage ceremony that can be a life-changing event for you and your son."
    - John Trent
  • "Every young woman who is coming of age longs to hear these words from her father's lips: 'Honey, you are beautiful, you are precious, and I love you just the way you are!' Girl's Passage-Father's Duty should be required reading for every mom and ad on the planet."
    - Warrick Marsh
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